Nordic Walking poles


Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic Walking poles are very different from trekking or walking poles.

On the most part Nordic Walking poles are a much lighter weight and have a specialist strap as opposed to just a looped strap.

Often Nordic Walking poles have an ergonomically shaped handle, and are left and right hand specific.

A removable shaped rubber ‘paw’ covers the tungsten carbide tip of the pole to facilitate walking on hard surfaces such as pavements.

A good quality pole will have an element of carbon in their composition.

The carbon content of the pole affects weight, the power transfer and the shock absorbency.

You should only buy Nordic Walking poles as a pair.

Should I buy a fixed length or adjustable pole?

We recommend that most people consider buying a fixed length pole.

Nordic Walking poles should be as light as possible and the mechanism used to make a pole adjustable increases the swing weight of the pole.

Making the pole adjustable also weakens the pole and so if you want to practice sport techniques, or if you’re a larger person, they are not a good idea.

Even for general Nordic Walking an adjustable pole will transfer less power from the push off than a fixed length pole.

A common myth is that you need to adjust the pole length according to if you are walking up or downhill.

This is not true for Nordic Walking.

Pole length is set to an individual’s height and we adjust our technique rather than the pole for different terrains.

What length pole do I need?

A good guide to pole length is to take your height in cms and multiply it by 0.68, then round down to the nearest 5 cms.

When you stand with your upper arm at your side your elbow should form a 90° angle or slightly more, so your hand is just below your elbow.

There are some exceptions to this rule and so it's always a good idea to have a lesson from an International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) instructor before buying poles so they can advise you.

Exel Tour fixed length poles



Fizan adjustable poles



Leki adjustable pole



You can also get lots of Nordic Walking accessories such as bags for your poles as well as spare pairs of Nordic Walking paws.



Once you have chosen your Nordic Walking poles, find how to adjust them.

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