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Most people will be expected to pay something towards the costs of their accommodation and personal care from their income and capital. If the local authority is involved in arranging your placement, the amount you will have to pay will be worked out via a means test, which is based on nationally set guidelines.

In certain circumstances, the NHS should contribute towards the cost of someone's care home fees. This is known as NHS continuing healthcare (NHS CHC) or NHS funded nursing care.

NHS continuing healthcare is when the NHS meets the costs of someone's care whereas NHS funded nursing care is when they pay a contribution to a nursing home towards the cost of registered nurses.

Eligibility for NHS CHC may arise where the 'nature, 'intensity', 'complexity', or 'unpredictability' of someone's health needs mean that they have to be actively managed by the NHS. Eligibility decisions for NHS CHC rest on whether your need for care is primarily due to your health needs (as opposed to a need for care due primarily to social care needs that fall within the remit of local authority social services departments, rather than the health service).

Further information can be found in our factsheets "Paying for a permanent care home placement in Wales" and "NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care in Wales". Both of these can be downloaded using the links below.


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