Ezi Melt 

Ezi-Melt, the Doorstep Defroster, is now available from Age Cymru for £1.99.

Packed in a handy-sized 1kg dispenser, Ezi-Melt is a gritting salt for de-icing your path or driveway.

Just sprinkle Ezi-Melt on your path or driveway and watch the snow and ice disappear.

With its clean, easy-to-use packaging concept and handy-size containers, Ezi-Melt gritting salt is quick, clean and easy to use, defrosting your driveway in no time at all.

Unlike grit, Ezi-Melt is non-staining and eco-friendly and it will disappear when the snow does.

How to use Ezi-Melt

To clear ice and snow

• Just pop open the top of the lid
• Shake the container to evenly distribute the Ezi-Melt
• Use approximately 1kg per 5 square meters (1kg per 15 square feet).
• For thicker snow and ice, distribute Ezi-Melt more liberally.

To prevent show and ice

• Pop open the top of the lid
• Shake a light covering of Ezi-Melt over the required area before the snow and ice sets in.


• Always ensure you re-seal the container and keep Ezi-Melt gritting salt in a dry place, away from moisture.

Safety advice

• Only use as directed for steps, paths and driveways.
• Avoid unnecessary contact with plant life.
• Avoid prolonged contact with skin.
• Avoid contact with eyes. If in contact with eyes, wash with clean water.
• If irritation occurs, seek medical advice.
• If swallowed, seek medical advice.
• Ezi-Melt conforms to BS 3247:1991
• Contains 99% sodium chloride.

Ezi-Melt is available from opens link in new window  Age Cymru’s office in Cardiff, Age Cymru Enterprises Limited offices in Cardiff and Pontypridd, and our network of Age Cymru shops


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