My future

'My future' is a new initiative introduced by Age Cymru to help people have a say on the issues that are important to them should they become ill or frail in later life.

The 'My future' booklet is supported by the Welsh Government, and it allows individuals to keep a record of the issues that are important to them to maintain their self-identity and dignity.

Being in control of the issues that affect our lives promotes our sense of identity and helps us to maintain our dignity.

As we are all individuals, these considerations can range from a strong religious belief to a preference for drinking tea from a bone china cup.

If we are unwell and relying on others to make choices on our behalf, there is a risk that our views and preferences can be overlooked and we can then lose control of the decision-making process.

'My future’ is a contribution towards helping people maintain choice and control in these situations.

People can use the booklet to make a list their preferences on a range of matters that they may encounter if and when they ever receive care.
‘My future’ will allow people to record their preferences on matters including:
  • The people I want to have a say and safeguard my interests (family, friends, neighbours etc.);
  • The places that are important in my life;
  • My religious or spiritual beliefs;
  • The possessions I would wish to keep with me;
  • Skills and hobbies I would like to maintain for as long as possible;
  • Interests I would wish to maintain;
  • Things I would wish to avoid;
  • Food and drink preferences;
  • My pets, and arrangements for their care;
  • Aspects of my health I wish to make known;
  • A general statement about me as a person;
Age Cymru will be working with care providers across Wales to promote the ‘My future’ scheme.
‘My future’ was developed in conjunction with Dr Roger Blunden who came up with the idea after meeting many frail older people in care.
We believe the ‘My future’ booklet can be utilised to complement the Age UK Lifebook. You can download a copy of the 'My future' booklet or if you would prefer us to send you a copy please call 029 2043 1555 or email
The Lifebook records the practical details of people’s lives - such as the location of important documents or the details of insurance companies. 
The Lifebook was developed to make those practical details easy to find and can be a useful reference if family or friends need to find details in an emergency. 
Advice line:
08000 223 444

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My future

A simple way to record the things that are important.  'My future' is one way of helping us to maintain choice and control.


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