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Save money on your energy bills

None of us wants to pay more for our energy than we have to. But saving money doesn’t mean we should use less energy than we need – it’s important to have enough light and warmth to stay safe and comfortable at home. 

How can I get a better energy deal?

See what other deals your supplier offers

You may be paying too much for your energy. Many people are on their supplier’s standard tariff, which is unlikely to be the best deal.

Your supplier will offer a range of tariffs, some of which may work out cheaper for you. Your bills and other statements should give you some possible cheaper options, or you can call your supplier to ask.

It is also important to give regular meter readings for accurate bills, check your bills for accuracy and raise any concerns with your supplier.

Check how you’re paying

Are you paying your energy bills in the most cost-effective way? Most suppliers offer a discount if you pay by direct debit instead of cash or cheque. Paperless billing, where you manage your account online instead of receiving bills in the post, may also work out cheaper.

Switch supplier to get a better deal

You may save more money in this way if you switch energy supplier. You can use an Ofgem-accredited Price Comparison Website to help you compare deals across a range of suppliers. Many of these websites have a telephone service you can use if you’re not online.

Speak to someone if you’re in difficulty

If you’re having difficulty paying your bills, speak to your supplier as soon as you can. They'll let you know how they can help you avoid getting into debt.

If you're already in debt, you may be able to agree on a repayment plan to pay your arrears or have a prepayment meter installed.

If you do not want to deal directly with your supplier, you can ask an adviser to contact them on your behalf.

We have a range of information guides and factsheets which cover these issues in a lot more detail - see the links below.

For more information call Age Cymru Advice on 0300 303 44 98

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