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Published on 05 May 2011 03:30 PM

Age Cymru’s Consultative Forum met for the first time at County Hall in Cardiff yesterday (4 May).

The group advises Age Cymru’s Board of Trustees on our policies and ensures older people inform and influence our work. 

Age Cymru’s Chair, Dr Bernadette Fuge, opened proceedings by welcoming everyone to the inaugural meeting of the Consultative Forum.

This was followed by a talk by from Age Cymru’s Chief Executive, Robert Taylor, about our work and objectives.

Dr Fuge then gave a talk about the governance of Age Cymru and explained the structure of the charity’s Board of Trustees and how the Consultative Forum will work with the Board.

She explained that the Consultative Forum is made up of 40 members drawn from across Wales.

The members represent national organisations National Pensioners’ Convention Wales, National Old Age Pensioners Association Wales, Pensioners Forum Wales and the Age Cymru Diversity Networks.

Other members include 16 representatives from older people’s forums from across Wales, four representatives from the Age Cymru Older People’s Network and four older people appointed via public advertising.

One member of the consultative forum will also be appointed to the Age Cymru Board of Trustees.

Deborah Smith, Age Cymru’s Engagement Manager then took to the stage and spoke about the workings of the Consultative Forum.

She explained the terms and conditions of membership of the forum, that it will meet two to three times a year (with a maximum of four meetings a year) and how the agendas will be drawn up.

Other issues Deborah flagged up included the location of meetings (the Consultative Forum will meet across Wales), annual meetings and terms of reference and the distribution of notes about discussions, decisions and actions agreed at the meetings.

Deborah also explained how the Chair of the Consultative Forum will be elected and that Age Cymru will provide secretarial support for the Forum.
The meeting was scheduled to finish at 12 noon, at which point lunch was served and members were given an opportunity to network.
The next meeting of the Age Cymru Consultative Forum takes place on Tuesday 7 June in Colwyn Bay.

For more information: Call Age Cymru Advice: 08000 223 444