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Author: Age Cymru
Published on 08 May 2013 03:00 PM

Here is Age Cymru’s response to today’s Queen’s Speech. 

Social care

Commenting on moves to cap social care costs in England, Graeme Francis, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Age Cymru says:

“The legislation announced today in the Queen’s Speech - if mirrored in Wales, has the potential to transform our crumbling, unfair social care system for current and future generations of older people.

“With concrete reforms now set to happening in England, the Welsh Government must press ahead with bringing forward its own plans so that people in Wales have equal certainty over care costs.

“Any solution needs to take account of the needs of people in Wales.

“Age Cymru thinks it is within the Welsh Government's gift to design a system that benefits people who are the least well-off.“

Single-tier pension

Commenting on the introduction of a single-tier pension, Graeme Francis, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Age Cymru says:

“Age Cymru supports the overall aims of the single tier pension but we are concerned the proposed amount is just one per cent higher than current Pension Credit level. 

“The triple lock mechanism for increasing the state pension each year also needs to be enshrined in legislation to ensure that future generations of pensioners are protected from the poverty that blighted so many previous generations.
"The single tier will help many women but Age Cymru is particularly concerned about a small group of women who were relying on their husbands’ NI record, but will lose out under new arrangements and face a worrying future because they do not have time to change their retirement plans.

“We are calling on the UK Government to protect this group, for example, allowing those within 15 years of State Pension Age to retain this right. 

“The UK Government also needs to be clear about the transitional protection for those who could end up with a lower overall income due to changes in means-tested benefits.
“And with 1.7 million pensioners currently living in poverty the UK Government must also set out plans to help current pensioners”.

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