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Author: Age Cymru
Published on 19 September 2012 09:30 AM

Commenting on a report out today that claims businesses fear an older workforce will lead to an increase in illness in the workplace, Age Cymru's Equalities Policy Advisor Martyn Jones, says:  

“Age and ageing should be celebrated, as should the fact that we’re not only all living longer but doing so in good health for longer.

“Older workers have much to offer and Age Cymru welcomed the scrapping in October last year of the law that allowed employers to force workers to retire at age 65.

“We have campaigned for many years for people to be allowed to decide when to leave employment.

“We feel that any changes that may be needed in the workplace to accommodate older workers – such as better workplace design and greater use of flexible working practices, should be viewed as part of a move towards an ‘age friendly society’ where older peoples contributions are valued. 

“The view that there will be increases in health issues as an inevitable consequence of having growing numbers of older people in the workforce is a generalisation and a view based on negative stereotypes of ageing that society must move away from.”

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