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Author: Age Cymru
Published on 06 September 2011 03:00 PM

Responding to research issued today by the Gas Safety Trust that suggests over 70s are five times more likely to die from carbon monoxide poisoning than other age groups, Age Cymru’s Policy Adviser Amy Clifton says:

“Carbon monoxide is known as a ‘silent killer’ - you can’t see, taste or smell it and these findings are a real worry for Age Cymru.

“We are particularly concerned by the suggestion that a lack of home maintenance due to financial pressures is one of the reasons for this disproportionate level of deaths among over 70s compared to other age groups.

“Heaters that burn gas, coal, oil or wood can give off poisonous carbon monoxide if they are not working properly.

“Make sure your gas appliances and heating systems are getting an annual inspection and that your chimneys and flues are checked regularly and make sure that you fit carbon monoxide detectors in your home.”

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