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Author: Age Cymru
Published on 14 September 2012 10:30 AM

Over 50s across Wales can learn about and teach each other how to use digital technology - such as the internet and mobile phones, next week.

It’s all part of Itea and Biscuits Week from Age Cymru which is taking place between 17 and 23 September.

Claire Bottomley, our Healthy Ageing Manager, says:

“Age Cymru runs Itea and Biscuits Week each year to encourage older people to discover and experiment with new technology - often for the first time.

“Technology really can be pivotal in life, allowing people to keep up to date with news and information and stay in contact with friends and relatives, which helps to combat loneliness and isolation.

“It also opens doors to better financial and shopping deals, as well as broadening access to useful services.

“This is especially vital at a time when many public services are moving towards online access being the main way in to receive such services.

“We are also calling on anyone who knows how to use technology to become a Digital Champion by passing on their knowledge of mobile phones, the internet, ipads, digital photography and other forms of digital technology to an older friend, family member or neighbour they know.”

Visit our Itea and Biscuits pagefor further details about Itea and Biscuits Week and to find out if there is an event taking place in your area.

For more information: Call Age Cymru Advice: 08000 223 444