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Published on 24 March 2011 10:30 AM

Commenting on a report today from the Auditor General for Wales that reveals that hospital catering is improving in Wales but that action is needed to make sure patients are getting the proper nutritional care, Age Cymru Director of Influencing and Programme Development Victoria Lloyd says:

“Malnutrition among older people – both in hospitals and at home, is a serious concern for Age Cymru.

“While we are glad to note the report’s findings that many Welsh hospitals are providing patients with ‘an appropriate choice of good quality food’, the report’s claim that not all patients are getting the help they need at mealtimes is a very real worry.

“The risk and prevalence of malnutrition increases with age, and Age Cymru feels it should be standard practice to carry out screenings for malnutrition in health and care settings and ensure that older people have the support they need to eat healthy meals.

“We welcome the report’s recommendation that the Assembly government must develop and issue all-Wales nursing standards for consistent nutritional screening and care planning.

“There are a range of other measures that Age Cymru wants introduced to tackle malnutrition among older people and key among these must be training for all health and social care workers on recognising the signs of malnutrition, so that older patients can receive the appropriate care and support.”    

For more information: Call Age Cymru Advice: 08000 223 444