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Author: Age Cymru
Published on 06 November 2013 02:30 PM

Age Cymru is backing Welsh MP Alun Cairns’ bid to tighten up the rules on nuisance telephone calls.

Vale of Glamorgan member Mr Cairns is introducing a backbencher’s 10-minute rule Bill to curb the activities of telephone marketing companies, forcing them to reveal their numbers on caller ID screens.

This would enable callers to complain effectively if they were unhappy about the calls.

Many companies currently withhold their numbers.

Age Cymru’s Scams and swindles campaign aims to generate protection for older people from scams, including scam phone calls, but also supports moves to drastically reduce nuisance calls generally.

“Many older people are plagued by nuisance calls day and night and find them a real violation of their privacy, so any moves to curb them are to be welcomed,” said campaigns co-ordinator Gerry Keighley.

“If Mr Cairns succeeds in getting his Bill into law and it cuts down the numbers of scams calls it will be a huge boost for older people.”

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