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Author: Age Cymru
Published on 22 March 2012 12:00 PM

Age Cymru has welcomed a decision by the Welsh Rugby Union to scrap its upper age limit of 55 for players.

The move follows a campaign by South Wales man Stephen Clee who had been told that he would have to stop playing for his local club when he turned 55.

Our Equalities Advisor Martyn Jones comments:

“We’re very glad to hear that the 55 upper age limit for rugby players in Wales has been scrapped and we commend the WRU on this move.

“After all, age is just a number, not an indicator of someone’s ability to take part in activities such as rugby.

“By imposing restrictions on people because of their age, society takes away their freedom which is a strange thing to do in a country with an ageing population such as Wales.

“It is vital that we let people lead full and active lives by giving them the freedom to be involved in sport and other activities that allow them to channel their energy, passion, enthusiasm and creativity.

“This is part of the process that society needs to go through to ensure equality for everyone, regardless of their age and this announcement from the WRU is a sign that we’re gradually moving in the right direction.”

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