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Author: Age Cymru
Published on 31 October 2012 12:30 PM

Responding to a report today from WRVS which says older people are staying indoors for fear of falling over if they venture outside, Age Cymru’s Healthy Ageing Manager Claire Bottomley says:

"Falls are not an inevitable part of ageing - many falls can be prevented and there is much that can be done to prevent falls as well as help people who have fallen not to fall again.

“Age Cymru has produced a helpful checklist that older people can work through to help them to identify risk factors leading to falls and advises on steps to take to reduce these risks.

“It is important that older people maintain good balance and confidence, and especially that they seek help and advice if they have suffered a fall.

“The psychological effects of falling can be as damaging as the physical effects, and it is vital that older people feel confident and safe enough to continue to go out.”

For more information: Call Age Cymru Advice: 08000 223 444