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Energy price cap rise: Age Cymru calls for immediate support from the Westminster Government

Published on 26 May 2022 11:35 AM

With Ofgem announcing earlier this week that the energy price cap for an average household will rise by £800 to £2,800, Age Cymru is calling on the Westminster Government to implement an immediate package of support for those on the lowest incomes.

The charity is specifically calling for:

  • Targeting a direct one-off payment of £500 to those on the lowest incomes to help mitigate the impact of energy price rises
  • Raising the level of benefits and the State Pension during this financial year so they keep pace with inflation
  • Introducing improved social tariffs into the energy market
  • Doing more to ensure everyone eligible for benefits such as Pension Credit receives their entitlement

Age Cymru’s chief executive Victoria Lloyd says: “Older people in Wales have cut back as much as they can on spending, and some are already cutting back on essentials such as buying food or heating their homes. There is no more they can do in terms of budgeting. This latest announcement will leave many older people crippled with anxiety and not knowing how they can meet these surging bills.

“The UK Government must step in right now and provide immediate financial support to older people so they can heat their homes and buy the food they need to remain healthy.  They also need to support to carry out everyday activities such as meeting family and friends after many of them isolated themselves for the best part of two years during the pandemic.”

The Charity and its partners throughout the UK have heard that many older people are now only leaving home for health appointments and have cut back on seeing grandchildren, family, and friends to save on fuel and travel costs. Some are going to extreme lengths such as eating just one meal a day or showering just once a fortnight to keep costs down, whilst others are going without dental treatment, cutting their own hair, borrowing money to buy heating oil, and staying in bed all day to stay warm.

To make a claim for Pension Credit, people should call the Pension Credit claim line on 0800 99 1234 or visit www.gov.uk/pension-credit/how-to-claim.


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