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Published on 12 December 2017 04:00 PM

Age Cymru Afan Nedd calls on their local community to rally round

Age Cymru Afan Nedd’s mini bus, which is used to ferry pensioners to and from their day centre in Port Talbot, was attacked by vandals over the weekend causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

To make matters worse the centre is holding its Christmas lunch later this week, but without the mini bus many pensioners may now miss out on their annual treat.

The centre, based in the middle of Port Talbot, has become a focal point for hundreds of pensioners over the years offering nutritious food, companionship and activities for its users.

The chair of the charity’s trustees Claire Morgan explained: “For many pensioners the Christmas lunch is their only source of festive joy but without the mini bus it is going to be very difficult to enable everyone to attend. We are all devastated by this cruel act of vandalism which not only prevents pensioners from visiting the centre but it is going to cost us a significant amount of money to repair. We are now appealing to the goodwill of the local community to come to our rescue.”

If anyone feels they can help the centre in anyway please call 01639 895202 or email

For more information: Michael Phillips 07794366224