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Published on 11 May 2011 12:30 PM

A WELSH charity has launched a new guide to help protect older people from abuse.

Age Cymru has produced ‘Safeguarding: working to stop elder abuse’ with its sister charity, Age UK.

The guide is aimed at charities that work with older people.

Age Cymru’s Elder Abuse Programme Manager Louise Hughes says:

“Charities that are involved in providing, or promoting, services to people in later life have a duty of care and professional responsibility to help their clients to live free from any kind of mistreatment.

“Having a clear understanding of how to safeguard older people will enable charities to enhance the well-being of people that they work with.

“Regular training on safeguarding older people should be an essential part of maintaining and improving the skills of all charity workers.

“‘Safeguarding: working to stop elder abuse’ provides information and exercises that charities can use to train staff and volunteers as well as providing guidance on how to respond to and manage suspected cases of elder abuse.”

Issues covered by ‘Safeguarding: working to stop elder abuse’ include:

• What is abuse?

•The impact of abuse;

• Making it easier for someone to talk about abuse;

• Why do people not tell on abusers?;

• People who commit abuse;

• Where does abuse take place and who commits it?;

• Behaviour and abuser types;

• Patterns of abuse behaviour;

• Human rights;

• Confidentiality, consent and information sharing;

• Good, poor and abusive practices;

• Dealing with cases of abuse;

Louise Hughes concludes:

“Everyone has the right to live free from abuse, but an estimated 39,000 older people in Wales are affected by elder abuse.

“Age Cymru is committed to putting an end to this suffering and ‘Safeguarding: working to stop elder abuse’ is our latest contribution to the battle against elder abuse and its causes in Wales.”

For further about ‘Safeguarding: working to stop elder abuse’ please contact the Age Cymru Elder Abuse Project on 01352 706228.


For all media enquiries, please contact Iwan Rhys Roberts – Communications Officer, Age Cymru on 029 2043 1562, 07739 894 923,

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