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Local bus concessions

People aged over 60 and disabled people of any age in Wales are entitled to a free bus pass.  For information about free bus travel and how to apply for a bus pass, contact your local authorityYou should qualify for the scheme if you are resident in Wales (this will have to be proved through documents that show responsibility for expenditure: for example, Council tax, rent, water rates, utility bills from a gas or electric company, benefit documents or bank statements).

Under a Welsh Government scheme, where bus services are limited, bus passes can be used on certain train lines.

Visit the Welsh Government website for further information on concessionary bus passes, including where certain rail travel may be covered.

Senior Railcard

The Senior Railcard is an annual savings card that's available to anyone aged 60 or over. You buy it for a one-off cost and it will allow you to make big savings on most rail fares in the UK.

You can order online from the Senior Railcard website using a valid passport or UK driving licence as ID. You can also apply for a Senior Railcard at most staffed railway stations, where you can also use your birth certificate as proof of age.

Coach concessions

There is no national concessionary scheme at present, but ask your coach operator if they offer any discounts. For example, National Express offers a Senior Coachcard for people who are 60 or over.

Community transport schemes

If you're disabled, can't use ordinary public transport, and don't have access to a car, there are community transport schemes that you may be able to use, such as social cars, dial-a-ride, or taxicard schemes. Shopmobility schemes help people shop in town centres by lending wheelchairs and scooters.

You could also contact your local authority or your local Age Cymru to find out about community transport services that may be available in your area.

For more information: Call Age Cymru Advice 08000 223 444

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