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Legal issues

Information and advice on legal issues, including making a will and setting up a power of attorney.

  • Legal advice

    Most of us will need legal help at some point in our lives. It’s a good idea to know a little about the process.
  • Making a will

    If you want to be sure your wishes will be met after you die, then a will is vital. Find out what you need to know.
  • Living wills

    This factsheet explains discusses advance decisions (sometimes called living wills), advance statements, how to draw these up and their legal status.
  • Powers of attorney and deputeeships

    This factsheet explains why you might need someone to make decisions on your behalf and how to go about this.
  • Dealing with an estate

    This factsheet provides general information for personal representatives on how to carry out their duties and what happens if someone has not left a will.

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