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Become a ‘Friend’

Who can be a ‘Friend’?

  • Potentially anyone in Wales who is not self-isolating can be a ‘Friend’ if they know someone locally who needs support.
  • You may already be a ‘Friend’

Why is a ‘Friend’ necessary?

  • Many people in Wales have family nearby who are their support during this time, but others, individuals or couples, who are social distancing, self-isolating or shielding and don't have this support may need other people they know to help them.

What would be the alternative with no ‘Friend’?

  • People could become lonely and increasingly fearful, which could potentially have an adverse effect on their mental health.
  • People could possibly be at greater risk of unscrupulous people they don’t know offering to ‘help’
  • People may go against advice to socially distance, self-isolate or shield – for example going to their pharmacist or having to use public transport to go shopping, putting themselves at risk
  • There could be further unnecessary strain on the NHS and/or social services.

How can you become a ‘Friend’?

  • You need to be already known to person you are supporting (neighbour, friend etc)
  • The person who needs support identifies the people they would like to help them. Ideally, this is at least two ‘Friends’ in separate households.

Once nominated as a ‘Friend’ you can:

What could a ‘Friend’ do to help?

Whilst following the social distancing rules and information on the ‘Friends’ hub, you could:

  • Pick up groceries and shopping
  • Pick up prescriptions
  • Walk pets
  • Provide regular telephone contact and/or via online methods such as Skype or FaceTime
  • Assist people to get online, or to access services online – whilst socially distancing
  • Provide ideas of things that people can do that don’t involve going out, to keep them emotionally and physically well
  • Put people in touch with support groups, and other useful local services
  • Help people prepare for eventualities that may arise
  • Provide reassurance with accurate and up to date information from Welsh Government and Public Health Wales.

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