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Project 360° grants

The application process for the final round of the Project 360° internal grant programme is now open. 

This programme offers grants to Project 360° Age Alliance Wales members and their local partners to maintain, expand or provide services, activities, events, resources or publications that improve the lives of military veterans aged 65 or over in Wales. This is in response to the need which has been identified through Project 360° research with older Veterans across Wales, and prioritised by the Project Board.

The grant programme is open to members of Age Alliance Wales and local partners. Joint applications between Age Alliance Wales organisations are also encouraged.

As well as larger scale projects we are encouraging smaller funding applications such as to produce publications, resources, or put on events or small scale activities so please, take smaller funding opportunities into consideration when applying for grant funding.

Identified priorities for final round of funding allocation

The areas which have been identified through Project 360° and prioritised by the Project Board for this final round of funding are:

1)    Unpaid carers

It is recommended that any grant funded work with older Veteran unpaid carers will have a focus on any of the following:

    • supporting Veterans aged or over to identify and understand their role as an unpaid carer
    • supporting Veterans aged 65 or over who are unpaid carers to access carers needs assessments and understand the potential support available to them
    • supporting Veterans aged 65 or over who are unpaid carers with access to routine respite time. This could include; opportunities to gain more social interaction, opportunities to keep fit, opportunities to learn a new activity or have time for something they previously enjoyed, or routine time to go shopping visit friend to family, to attend local clubs or just have some time to themselves
    • supporting Veteran unpaid carers aged 65 or over to access information or advice to help them in their role, or to access financial support
    • supporting Veterans aged 65 or over who are unpaid carers with emotional support, including how to manage stress, and access to relevant support for their mental wellbeing

2)    Socialising and getting active

Through the Project 360° research there was a clear willingness and need for Veterans aged 65 or over to be more active and to be connected with their peers, including forming meaningful relationships, and rebuilding missed comradeship. Knowing the detrimental impact lack of connectiveness has, leading to isolation and loneliness and the health problems this can trigger.

Additional consideration for AAW condition specific support

Within the two identified priorities there could be consideration for specific support, particularly relevant to health conditions, according to the remit of the Age Alliance Wales organisation.

There were a number of health conditions reported by Veterans that impact on their day to day lives. The most prevalent of these conditions reported were musculoskeletal conditions, hearing impairment, sight impairment, dual sensory impairment and lung conditions, with many Veterans dealing with comorbid conditions. Not many Veterans access specific support outside of medical intervention for dealing with their conditions and there may be opportunities to help Veterans lead a more fruitful life with intervention, advice and support from relevant agencies. For more information please see the application and delivery guidance.

Please read the application and delivery guidance carefully before applying.

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The deadline for applications is Tuesday 18 June 2019 at 5pm.

We look forward to receiving your application. 

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