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What is Spread the Warmth

Spread the Warmth is Age Cymru's national campaign to raise public awareness of the health risks that cold weather and a drop in temperature can have on older people. 

Changes to our bodies as we get older mean that cold weather and winter bugs affect us more than they used to.This winter we will also need to live with coronavirus, which we know can have more of an impact the older we are.


What you can do 

As we age, our immune system becomes weaker and less able to fight off viruses. We lose muscle mass which helps to keep us warm and keep us moving about. The cold makes health conditions harder to manage, or even effect our hearts and circulation.

The good news is there are lots of things we can do to help keep well during the winter.

Keep moving

Try not to sit still for more than one hour at a time. You might not think it, but even a little bit of activity can help you to keep strength and mobility. Find out more about our physical activity programmes, like tai chi and LIFT (Low Impact Functional Training)

Eat well

Spending more time indoors and doing less of the things we enjoy means it can be difficult to keep up the motivation to prepare meals. Try to keep a bit of a routine and eat what you can.

Get your free flu jab – even if you're fighting fit

The flu vaccine is available to anyone 50 and over in Wales for free. You'll be contacted by your GP or contact your pharmacy to arrange a vaccination.

Make sure your home is warm enough

Try to heat your home to a steady and comfortable temperature throughout the day. It's also a good idea to keep your bedroom window closed at night when the weather is coldest and close the curtains at dusk to keep the heat in.

Wash your hands regularly

This is important now more than ever. It's simple but effective – washing your hands helps stop germs spreading and can help you stay well.

Wrap up well and stay stocked up

Layers are the best way to keep warm in winter. If you're heading out, don’t forget the temperature can drop drastically as the sun goes down so take woollies out with you, even if you don’t need them immediately. It could be a good idea to stock up on cold and sore throat remedies. Your pharmacist can give you advice if you're feeling under the weather about what might help.

Our Spread the Warmth campaign aims to help older people protect their health and live more comfortably and safely at home, during winter, and to stay connected with others and be a part of what's going on in their community.

Working with our local Age Cymru partners across Wales we offer a dedicated and confidential information and advice service and practical services like home visits and toenail cutting. Please contact our Age Cymru Advice line on 0300 303 44 98 to find out which services are available in your area.

How you can get involved in Spread the Warmth

Together, we can help people feel warm, healthy and in touch with others this winter.

You can get involved and spread the warmth in a number of different ways.

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