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Creating an age friendly Wales report cover

We believe Wales can become a truly age friendly country.

In an age friendly Wales older people will be able to live socially, environmentally and culturally inclusive lives.

Everyone will be able to contribute and participate in their communities in the way they choose to do so.

All forms of discrimination against older people will be removed and older people will have equal respect, rights and the same access to services as the rest of the population.

However, many older people are marginalised by a number of factors including poverty, isolation, cultural stereotyping, physical barriers in communities and a lack of opportunity - this needs to change. 

Becoming age friendly is a social and cultural change programme that will need to permeate all aspects of our society. 

The Welsh Government, together with citizens, services and businesses have a real opportunity to make Wales a country that will lead the world in how we engage with the challenge of ageing.

Our ‘Creating an age friendly Wales’ report spells out Age Cymru’s eight goals for creating an age friendly Wales and the key steps which need to be taken to make this a reality.

Getting it right will make Wales a better country to grow older in now and will make it even better and fitter for the future.

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Creating an age friendly Wales

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