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Direct Payments

Self-Directed Support is a new system about people being in control of the support they need to live their life as they choose.

Some people manage their support on their own but others need help from family, friends or people who are paid to help.

In the old system, professionals made all the decisions about the support people could have and who would provide it meaning the person needing support often had no control.


This new system started with social care and the money in social services but quickly became about health, education and other funding and services.

What are Direct Payments?

At the moment anybody assessed by the Council Social Service Department as needing care is allocated the care they need. In the future, the older person will be able to decide where the money they have been allocated is spent, giving them more choice.


If it is you who needs the care, you can decide whether to stay where you are already receiving care or have your care provided by someone else.


You will not be left to worry about this as you can continue to stay where you are happy but if you do want to make changes, this could be an exciting opportunity to make your care package fit you and what you want to do.


How do I get a Direct Payment?

If you are already receiving care, contact Darlington Borough Council or ask your care provider for advice. If you have not been assessed by the Council, contact the adult social services department. 


This link will open in new window Visit the Darlington Borough Council website


How will I know what is on offer?

Darlington Borough Council will ensure that you will be informed about a wide range of service providers and other options that are open to you. They may refer you to an independent adviser who will be able to show you a wide range of options.


For more information about receiving Direct Payments, aswell as information for carers, please download the documents below for more information.


This link will open in new window Download Direct Payments information


This link will open in new window Download Direct Payments information for carers


For more information, please contact the information and advice service at Age UK Darlington using the details below.


Alternatively, you can contact Darlington Borough Council Access and Contact Team at Adult Social Services, Central House, Gladstone Street on 01325 346200.


Information and advice at Age UK Darlington

1 Beaumont Street




Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 3.30pm


Phone: 01325 357345