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HE-AT is Age UK Darlington's Health and Energy Affordability Team – providing affordable energy, warm homes and healthy lives.

HE-AT logoHE-AT is a project based at Age UK Darlington that works in partnership with Darlington Borough Council, NHS, Co Durham, NHS Darlington, Darlington Citizens Advice Bureau, Energy Saving Trust and other interested organisations.

It has been brought together as a cross-sector project to participate meaningfully in tackling fuel poverty by pooling expertise and improving access to advice and assistance.

HE-AT offers all households in the Borough of Darlington free, confidential quality assured advice on a range of fuel and energy related issues. The service is available to home owners and to private, council and housing association tenants and is not restricted by age.

HE-AT can help by

  • Negotiating affordable repayment plans with your fuel company if you have fuel debt
  • Checking your eligibility to grant assistance to help meet the cost of fuel debt
  • Assisting you to find cheaper energy supplies by comparing all available tariffs
  • Helping you access grants available for insulation, central heating and other efficiency improvements
  • Offering home energy efficiency checks that will help you to reduce the costs
  • Checking your benefit entitlement
  • Pointing you in the right direction for money guidance and debt advice


For more information about HE-AT


Phone: 01325 357345