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Bessacarr and Cantley Burglary Update

Published on 20 December 2019 02:45 PM

Please be aware of the following burglaries that have occurred in the area which have been reported to South Yorkshire Police since the 11/12/19.

Cornflower Drive - entry gained to the rear of the property snapping the lock, all rooms ransacked- day time.

Honeysuckle Close - entry gained via a insecure front door, house searched - day time.

Boswell Road - entry gained via rear french patio doors - snap lock method. All rooms searched, house alarm sounds and the offenders make off - day time.

Long Close - entry gained through rear door where lock has been removed. Later discovered upstairs had been searched with items removed - day time.

Symes Gardens - entry gained through a smashed window at the rear of property, house ransacked and vehicle taken from drive.

Cantley Manor Avenue - Entry gained through side door by snapping the lock. house ransacked and items taken but possibly disturbed.

Rose Hill - Neighbour reporting house alarm sounding - home owner on holiday and confirmed by police house burgled

Please be aware that patrols are being conducted, however please ensure you check your front and back doors are locked, and close all the windows before you leave the house unattended or go to bed.

Please check out the below website which is a police initiative that improves the security of buildings and immediate surroundings.