Community Agents Essex is a countywide network of agents and volunteers who support older people and informal carers to find and develop independent living solutions from within their local community.

Community Agents EssexIt is an innovative new partnership designed to:

  • Promote health and independence
  • Reduce social isolation
  • Find practical solutions to daily living
  • Provide confidential trusted Information
  • Inform choice and reducing confusion
  • Increase individual and community resilience

The service is delivered through a community and voluntary sector partnership consisting of Rural Community Council of Essex, British Red Cross, Age UK Essex and Essex Neighbourhood Watch.

A Community Agent can visit you at home to discuss and help with:

Mobility issues: Where equipment, adaptations, or technology could support independence, or where, travel, social interaction and physical activity could sustain and improve wellbeing

Practical living skills: After a significant life event, such as bereavement or hospital stay, supporting people to gain or regain practical skills such as paying bills, taking medication or getting to appointments

Social inclusion: Connecting people into one-to-one and group interactions or activities; or supporting the use of technology-based interaction and social media

Healthy living: Enabling or supporting people to prepare meals or linking individuals into community activities such as lunch clubs

Caring for someone: For people new to caring or for people who have been caring for some time and struggling to cope in their changing role. Helping them to access practical support, information, advice and peer support

Individual resilience: By providing advice and support that ensures correct entitlement to benefits and pension and increases personal safety and security.

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For more information about Community Agents Essex, please call 0800 9775858 or visit their website.

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