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Our professional trimmers travel across Essex to help older people look after their toenails. 

"I look forward to going along to the clinic. It's nice to have a chat and a catch up with the staff and my feet always feel so comfortable afterwards."

Trimming client

How to contact the Toenail Cutting Service

  • To make an enquiry or to pay for your appointment please call

    01245 423333 or 

    email us

  • To cancel or rearrange your toenail cutting appointment please call

    01245 423333 or

    email us

How we can help you

As we grow older, something as simple as cutting our own toenails can become much harder, or even impossible.

Our Toenail Cutting Service gives you the chance to have your toenails trimmed by qualified staff in a friendly and welcoming environment. We hold regular toenail cutting clinics at over 100 easily-accessible venues throughout Essex and we also offer home visits if you find it hard to get out and about.

We will cut your nails every six to eight weeks to make sure you are comfortable on your feet as keeping your toenails trimmed and tidy as you get older can help you;  

  • remain mobile
  • avoid becoming isolated and housebound
  • reduce the likelihood of having a fall
  • avoid the general discomfort which accompanies long toenails.

It's particularly important for people with diabetes to look after their feet as raised blood sugars can cause damage to circulation and sensation. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, and are considered low risk, our trimmers have been trained to cut your toenails for you. 

A service you can trust

Between them our team have over 30 years experience and all of our trimmers have been trained by the NHS Podiatry Service.

To them our feet are an early warning system for some of the health conditions that creep up on us as we get older including diabetes, arthritis, nerve damage and circulation problems. All these conditions benefit from early intervention so a quick trim at one of our toenail cutting clinics can help towards keeping you fit and healthy. 

The cost of our service

Clinic: £17.50 per trim.

Home visit: £25 per trim. 

If you are new to our service, there is a one-off registration fee of £20.

As a charity we need to make a charge for some of our services to help us cover the cost of running them as they don't receive any funding. We strive to offer high quality services at prices that are affordable to those who need them.

If you are worried about paying for this service, our Information and Advice team may be able to help you claim benefits or allowances to cover the cost of this and other services you might need. Visit our Information and Advice page for more information. 

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