Day Services for older people in Exeter

We have four day services for older people across the city which offer a wide range of quality day activities, freshly cooked meals and a friendly atmosphere supported by experienced staff. If you or someone you care for has either a physical disability or frailty, or experiences memory problems due to dementia, we have a service that could help. This is your chance to get out and about and enjoy a stimulating and friendly day!

Day Services

  • West Exe Day Service

    A service for older people with physical difficulties providing enjoyable activities in good company.

    West Exe Day Service

  • East Exe Day Service

    Similar to the West Exe Day service. Providing older people stimulating activities, laughter and chat in a supportive environment.

    East Exe Day Service

  • Park Club

    For older people with mild to moderate dementia. This friendly day service provides a high ratio of staff and volunteers to guests, helping with activities and offering one-to-one support. Ongoing support for carers is also offered.

    Park Club

  • Lane Club

    This service is for older people with moderate to more severe dementia and offers a friendly, quieter group setting, with an emphasis on one-to-one support and promoting a sense of wellbeing and safety. Ongoing support for family carers is also offered.

    Lane Club

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Age Positive: rather than talk about ‘the elderly’, ‘pensioners’ or ‘OAPs’, which can be excluding or have negative connotations, we use the term ‘older people’. Age UK Exeter is committed to helping people love later life.

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