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Age UK Exeter’s LPA form filling service

At Age UK Exeter we encourage everyone to plan for the future. One way to do this is by creating what’s called a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). An LPA lets someone you trust look after you and your affairs if you are not able to do so.  Without an LPA your family might need to go to Court which is expensive and can take a long time.

This is not just an issue for older people. Younger people might also suffer from an illness or accident which could mean they no longer have the mental capacity to manage their own affairs.

There are two types of LPAs:

Property and finances LPAs deal with decisions such as:

  • looking after your bills
  • making investments for you
  • buying, selling or maintaining your property
  • giving gifts on your behalf

Health and welfare LPAs cover things such as:

  • whether you live at home or in a care home
  • the leisure activities, diet and kinds of clothes you prefer
  • what happens to your pets if you lose mental capacity
  • whether to accept medical treatment to keep you alive beyond a certain point

Our service is available to all adults who have the capacity to make an informed choice. We will guide you through the process for £200 for an individual and £300 for a couple (plus registration fees where appropriate). Please note we do not offer legal advice.

As our client you can expect:

  • Help to understand what it all means for you.
  • Everything explained in plain English.
  • Help with all the form filling.
  • All the available options will be covered, allowing you to make an informed decision.
  • Support through the whole process

Why not contact us today to find out more by calling  01392 455617.