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Joyce and David

For carers like Joyce, Age UK is a lifeline

2 million older people in the UK are carers. Will you help us be there when they need support most?

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Social care broken 984x475.pngAll over the UK, older people are working around the clock to care for their loved ones.

The social care crisis is weighing heavily on the shoulders of older unpaid carers and those they support. Many are reaching breaking point.

Older people are struggling

1.6 million people over the age of 65 struggled without all the help they need.

Please help Age UK be there for vulnerable older people like Joyce and David who urgently need support.

Joyce spent the last 7 years caring around the clock for her husband David following a severe stroke, helping him with basic needs such as washing, dressing and using the toilet.

Physically and emotionally it’s such a strain and it absolutely drains you, but I did it because I love David.

Physically and emotionally it’s such a strain and it absolutely drains you, but I did it because I love David.

Joyce, 77

Recently, due to her own poor health, Joyce had to make the difficult decision for David to go into a nursing home. Despite both working hard all their lives, Joyce now worries they will have to sell their home to pay for David’s care.

With a donation today, Age UK’s services could be here to support more older people like Joyce.

Joyce knows she can call on us for advice and help whenever she needs it.

Over 20% of callers ask about social care

In 2021, over 20% of all enquiries to the Age UK Advice Line were about social care.

Our much-needed Advice Line and Telephone Friendship Service are a lifeline for so many older people. We’re also determined to give a voice to older people like Joyce and David, and are calling for serious and sustainable reform to social care so that it is fair and affordable.

Please donate today. Together we could provide more life-changing support when it’s needed most.

We’re here for you too

If you or someone you know needs support, Age UK is here for you. Call the Age UK Advice Line on 0800 169 65 65, 8am to 7pm, every day of the year, or use the links below to find out more about how we could help.

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