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Share your story with Age UK

Age UK is looking for real experiences from people across the country. You might have received help and support from Age UK, have a life experience to share, or get involved in inspirational activities.

Why share your story?

You may think that what you've done or been through is no big deal, but we know that - often - your experience will either inspire others or else bring them a sense of relief that they're not the only person going through something similar.

By sharing your story with us, you might also influence what we produce on our website, the things we say on our social media channels and you may well support our marketing campaigns to help paint a bigger picture of an important issue.

You could tell us of a personal challenge, an exciting adventure you've participated in or an inspiring example of hope and determination.

Your stories

You might have a situation to share like one of our volunteer story tellers below:

Stuart befriender

Stuart is a veteran himself and a loyal befriending volunteer, who very importantly visits an older veteran every week. Stuart told us about how much he looks forward to his visits every week and we know how much his friend gets from it. We loved meeting Stuart and learning about the bond ex-servicemen and women share and how much good these relationships do.

Have you experienced loneliness?

Please tell us about your experiences of loneliness, whether they're in the past for you or something you are still struggling with. Together, we can spread awareness and make sure no one has no one to turn to.


Florence has helped Age UK in so many ways. She first told us about the difficulties of living with bereavement, after losing her beloved husband Albie. This helped Age UK better understand the stages and impact this can have. 

She was also brave enough to tell us about a telephone scam that led to fake police arriving at her door to take thousands of pounds from her. We wrote about this story in our magazine to warn readers about this awful scam. This highlighted the need for Age UK to create more advice on scams, which you can find here


Doug lives with social isolation. He was a lecturer before he had a number of strokes which meant he couldn't work anymore. He moved to an area he didn't know as he could no longer afford his big house. Doug has a lot of skills he wants to share, but can't drive and hasn't worked out how to help others yet.

What next?

Are you someone with experience of the social care system, a carer, experiences of loneliness, or anything else to do with later life? We’d love to hear your story.

As an organisation that supports people in later life, we want your stories about the state of the world today. Please tell us about your experience.

We'll always contact you by email before we share your story and you have the choice to remain anonymous if you would like.

Share your story with us

Just include a little bit of info about your situation and some contact details.

Call the Stories hotline on: 020 3033 5555

Email us: stories@ageuk.org.uk

Or write to us at: Story Team, Age UK, Tavis House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9NA 

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Last updated: Jun 19 2019

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