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Together we can help raise the voices of older people in Gloucestershire

At Age UK Gloucestershire, we’re passionate about making sure that the voices of local older people are heard, that's why every month we invite older people across the county to share their thoughts and experiences on a particular topic.



This month, we’re carrying on August’s conversation and asking:

“Can you tell us what practical steps could be taken to make your local high street easier for you to visit so it feels more welcoming and accessible?”

In October, we’ll be writing to all of the District Councils and local MPs to let them know about a funding opportunity that will enable them to improve facilities in their local areas. We’ll use this opportunity to let them know what you’ve told us would help make things better for you. Your voice has a real chance to make a change.

Join the conversation and help us hear more views from older people in Gloucestershire. Please share your thoughts and perspective by emailing us at:

If you’d like to know what our previous Question of the Months were and see how people answered, you can do so by clicking on each month’s question in the menu on the left-hand side. 

Look out for a new question every month!