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Question of the Month May 2021

In May, we asked:

"What have you found that has encouraged you to stay physically active over the last few months?”

This month, we heard from less people but those that did respond felt positive about their physical activity levels over the lockdown period. Older people in Gloucestershire shared with us their motivations for keeping fit and some common themes were: individual health and wellbeing, looking after pets, keeping the garden in good condition and caring responsibilities.

“ I have met my personal trainer in the park as the gym has been closed, I am following a physio prescribed programme after my knee operation; my motivation has been wanting to maintain my health & mobility. Real connections with people are also very important.”

“Caring for my husband and just keeping up with housework and day to day tasks keeps me motivated - you just have to carry on.”

It was clear that having a pet and access to an outdoor space, such as a garden, were crucial in encouraging people to stay active, but also that it was closely tied to having a ‘positive’ mind set. A number of people mentioned resilience, just having to get on with it and keeping busy. While they may not be able to be as physically active as they would ideally like to be, a positive attitude was very important to getting through a difficult situation.

“Having a positive attitude and some resilience to situations keeps you motivated – I am not physically able to do very much but I am always happy to chat to others”.

“Even though I can't physically do much it’s about getting your mind in gear first & telling yourself you can do things - even if it’s painful. I do the exercises I am told to by the hospital”.


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