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A friendly, regular chat with someone

Call in Time is a free telephone friendship service run by National Age UK. Since 2005 the service has matched hundreds of older people with trained and supported volunteers who, together these pairings enjoy a weekly conversation about anything from the weather, to what's been happening in both of their lives.

Volunteers and the people they call often become firm friends in the process. These calls provide a valuable ongoing weekly telephone contact to develop a trusted friendship, which will last a lifetime.

For more information about this service, contact us, or you can get in touch directly with the Call in Time team on 0800 434 6105 or visit

Opportunities to expand your social circle

As we get older, there may be fewer opportunities to connect regularly with others. Retirement, reduced mobility, stopping driving or having less money can all impact on our ability to make and retain friendships for our health and wellbeing.

There are many opportunities here in Gloucestershire to meet and make new friends and our One Stop Information Service team can help you find an activity or group that is right for you.

For more information

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