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The Covid-19 outbreak has had a particular impact on older people.  The death rate from the virus increases the older someone is when infected.  People over the age of 70 were advised to adhere strictly to lockdown precautions.

In our communities we have seen neighbourhoods come together to support one another.  At the same time the national commentary around Covid-19 has implicitly and at times explicitly, argued that the lives of older people are less important than getting the pubs open.

On our streets, people have clapped for the NHS whilst our care homes residents have been put in peril.

What can we learn from listening to the experiences of local people?

At our recent online listening event, five local speakers shared their experiences of Covid-19 and lockdown from different perspectives and reflected on how we might make Gloucestershire a better county in which to grow older.

Our Speakers

The Older Person - Linda Shepherd has been making calls to older people as a volunteer on our friendship line and herself lives on her own in Cheltenham.

The Neighbourhood – Anne Radley has coordinated the neighbourhood response in Elmbridge, Gloucester.

The Community Organisation – Will Mansell has overseen the effort of The Long Table to ‘Feed the 5,000’ with provision of fresh-cooked meals delivered to homes county-wide.

The District Council – Emma Keating Clark works for Stroud District Council, implementing support through their HelpHub to meet local needs.

The Care Home – Suzanne Booker is Director of Care at Lillian Faithfull Homes and has been overseeing the operation of their care homes through the pandemic.