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Make the most of technology with our One Digital Project

Getting Friendly with a laptop, iPad or smartphone can open up a world of possibilities and we can show you how.

Couple using a laptopFrom researching your favourite hobby, to managing your banking online, you could benefit from getting connected and understanding what your device can do for you.  If you are aged 50 or over, Digital Champions will help you get online safely and with confidence so you can really make the most of technology.

Group sessions are informal, usually with around 10 people and take place in a variety of community settings.  You will be able to find out how to, for example:

  • Search for things online using Google
  • Set up your own email account
  • Shop and bank online
  • Use Skype to talk to people “face-to-face”
  • Learn about functions which you, or someone in your group requests

Bring along your own device, or we offer a tablet loan scheme so you can try one before buying your own.  For more information and to book your session, contact

A digital champion assisting an older person on a laptop

Become a Digital Champion.

If you have some time to give and basic IT know-how to share, why not become a Digital Champion and help older people in Gloucestershire make the most of technology.

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call 01452 422660 or 07341 569156

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