Tax information

Before starting the calculator, you will find it useful to have details of:

  • the amount you have earned through any work in the relevant tax year. This can be found on a P60, payslips and accounts or records of payment for self employed work.
  • the amount you’ve received in state pension and any other taxable benefits. This can be found on an annual statement or confirmation of a new claim from the Pension Service or the Department of Work and Pensions.
  • the amount you have received from private and work pensions (see annual pension statement).
  • other non savings income for example income from land, property or money left in a will.
  • all of the interest earned on savings and investments. This includes interest on all of your bank accounts, and any bonds or shares you have. You would find this information on bank statements, annual statements about investments or, for shares, on an annual tax voucher or share dividend statement.
  • the total amount of any pension contributions you have made, ie money you have put into your pension pot during the tax year eg wage slips or annual statements from your pension company.
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