Internal audits regularly updated according to new legislation and national minimum standards are undertaken regularly by the Quality Manager over all the quality standards that we hold. Areas of non-compliance and areas for improvement are acted upon and monitored.

  • Customer service questionnaires are carried out throughout all parts of the organisation and all projects as demanded by the particular project. These are analysed and any trends noted and dealt with.
  • All externally funded projects carry their own inputs and outputs that are regularly monitored and evaluated.
  • A Quality Management Group meets to raise the profile of quality issues and to facilitate systems. Attendees include staff from all parts of the organization.
  • Comprehensive Volunteer Procedures cover all aspects of volunteering within Age UK Isle of Wight which are beneficial to both the organisation and to volunteers themselves in terms of policies, procedures and practice and expectations on both sides.
  • All policies and procedures are updated on an approximately 15 month cyclical basis and ratified by the Board of Trustees. 

There are many strands to quality within Age UK Isle of Wight. We bring all these together and make sure that not only do these strands fulfil all the demands of the federation and our funders but above all, we ensure that quality is at the heart of the organisation and that the organisation fulfils the expectations of all those who come into contact with us in whatever way.