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Helpful things to know when going 'Out & About'.

  • Universal Safety Measures

    Whilst other businesses may have their own additonal safety measures also, we explain the ones that everyone has been asked to follow by the government.

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  • Close Contact Services

    Hairdressers, Beauticians, Message Therapists, Tattooists, Tailors: We explain the current guidance and what to expent when visiting them.

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  • Hospitality

    Restaurants, Bars and Cafes: What to expect when going out for a drink or something to eat

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  • Supermarkets, Shops and Banks

    Supermarkets, all types of retail stores and banks, what are the new measures that been put into place to keep you safe?  

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Public Transport

Helpful things to know when travelling to and around the Island from our local ferry and bus companies

  • Sports & Leisure Facilities

    Gyms, Sports halls, swimming pools: What to expect when you are returning to exercise at you local sports centres.

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  • Heritage Locations

    Local Island Heritage sites have their own rules in place to keep you safe when visiting, we explain what they are.

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  • Hotels and Guest Accommodation

    B&Bs, Hostels, Campsites: We have all of the info as to what measures are in place when staying a night away from home.

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  • Trades that Visit your home

    Tradesmen, cleaners and childminders may need your help to follow the rules their employer had put in place to keep them and you safe.

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Helping you to get Out & About

Once our current lockdown is lifted we will find ourselves gradually able to return to more of our usual activities, albeit in a different way. We have created some simple pages to help to inform you about the current guidance.

We also have Out & About cards as a way of letting people know that the cardholder finds these new situations challenging.

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