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If you every wanted to know what happens at Men’s Sheds, now is your chance.

Men’s sheds have been founded across the country, and the Isle of Wight is no exception. With 15 active sheds across the island, Jim Owers, a local photographer, has managed to capture some of the activities that take place in them.

Lois Prior, the Men in Sheds Coordinator for Age UK IOW, was first approached by Jim at the Shed Fest that was held in July this year “Jim told me that he was interested in documentary photography and was keen to photograph the Men’s Sheds in action. He visited four of the sheds over a number of days, capturing some fantastic moments.”

As well as the pictures, Jim created storyboards for each of the sheds that took part, and provided the shed members with photographic books “I am developing  a photographic project called “people at work and play on the Isle of Wight” “ said Jim. “ I first became aware of the sheds when I had some tools to donate and didn’t want them to end up in land fill. I was curious to find out exactly what happens in these sheds, and as a documentary photographer this fitted in well with my ongoing project, to document different community assets, whether it’s a fish and chip shop, a stone masons or a Men’s Shed.”

Out of the hundreds of pictures taken, 32 have been chosen to be in the exhibition. Lois said “Jim and I spent a long time going through the images to make the final choices. I feel that we have captured the essence of the Sheds, which are doing great things for the communities as well as for the members of the sheds themselves.”

Age UK IW has been funded by the Community Lottery Fund to set up sheds across the island, as part of the Ageing Better Programme. For more information go to or call Lois on (01983) 525282

The exhibition is to be located at Lord Louis Library (next to Newport bus station) from Monday 25th to Saturday 30th November.