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AgeUK cover the latest Coronavirus guidance, advice & everything you need to know, Simply click on the blue buttons to get taken to their site's information pages.

  • What is coronavirus?

    How does it spread? What are the symptoms? What should I do if I'm unwell? How do i get a test? What are the risks? Find out all the answers about Coronavirus here.

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  • The Roadmap: Restrictions lifting

    The Government has released a roadmap that outlines how coronavirus restrictions could be lifted. We've outlined the roadmap below to help you understand what it means for you.   

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  • Coronavirus vaccines

    With the roll out of a coronavirus vaccine it's natural for many of us to have questions about what it might mean for you and those you care about.

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  • Social distancing, self-isolation and shielding

    Social distancing, self-isolation and sheildig are aimed at reducing close contact with others, however there are some important differences. Here's what they might mean for you.

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  • Face Covering Guidance

    As we start to spend a little bit more time outside of our houses, the Government is requiring us to wear a face covering in certain enviroments.

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  • Support bubbles

    Adults living alone and single parents living with children under 18 can now form a support bubble. We have more information about what this could mean for you.

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  • Accessing Health Services

    If you have an existing medical condition or you become unwell you might be particularly worried about how to access treatment, medication and appointments. Here's what you need to know.

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  • Safely doing your shopping

    Thinking about how to do your shopping, and when, can make use all feel stressed. We have some information on how best to get your essential supplies.

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Local lockdown support available

  • Access to your money

    We have pulled together information about what services local Island banks are providing to enable you to access your money as we navigate our way out of lockdown

  • Local options for food shopping

    We have pulled together information about what local Island supermarkets options are available to enable you to get your food shopping as we navigate our way out of lockdown.

Find out about our Out & About Cards

Age Friendly Island and its partners have created a set of 'Out & About’ Cards to help people to feel more confident to navigate social distancing and other Covid-secure measures that are now in place