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Tried and tested, thoroughly checked, carefully matched.


HomeShare involves a simple exchange: accommodation (provided by householders with space) for help with everyday tasks (provided by a carefully-selected sharer).

Mutual benefit sits at the heart of HomeShare. Both sides equally contribute to and benefit from this reciprocal living. Householders give space and gain agreed help in and around the home (not personal care). Home Sharers give that extra pair of hands and gain a homely place to live which fits their finances and life.

They are brought together with a unique form of matchmaking, arrived at with thorough preparation and checking for the peace of mind of Householders and Home Sharers.

How does HomeShare work?

HomeShare helps people to help one another and aims to improve the quality of life for all those involved. Each HomeShare is unique and arrived at after comprehensive screening and careful compatibility matching.

HomeShare helps householders to retain their independence and remain living in loved homes and familiar communities. It can be a rewarding and satisfying way to find suitable and affordable accommodation.

Both householder and home sharer equally contribute to, and benefit from HomeShare.

HomeShare isn't...

HomeShare is not necessarily an easy option and wouldn't suit everyone.

It takes time to arrive at a suitable match and requires thorough groundwork, so it's not a quick fix or emergency housing service, more a longer-term option.

The householder is not a landlord or employer.

The sharer is not a lodger, housekeeper or live-in carer (and cannot carry out any personal care requirements, including helping with medication ) although in some cases the householder may have personal care in place which won't affect the help given by their home sharer.

What to do next:

Our HomeShare Co-ordinators Diane and Lorraine are always happy to chat and explain more about how HomeShare could work for you.

You can contact them on (01983) 525282 or by email:

There is a wealth of information on HomeShare Isle of Wight on their official website:

HomeShare Isle of Wight is funded through the Big Lottery Fund.