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Breaking down barriers for an inclusive Island.

We offer safe, confidential & impartial support on the Isle of Wight for people experiencing hate crime and/or domestic abuse.

This service is for people who are: 50 years and older and who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) or non-binary.

LGBT Drop-in sessions are  currently postponed due to government guidelines, however if you are in need of advice about any of the following dont hesitate to get in touch today:

  • Information and Advice
  • Support around Hate Crime
  • Domestic Violence/Abuse support
  • Support groups/social group connections
  • LGBT friendly services & business links
  • Referral & signposting onwards
  • Safety advice & information
  • You matter. Your story matters.

Victims of domestic abuse and hate crime experience isolation and loneliness. Talking to a member of our caring team can help to reassure you.

Age UK Isle of WIght LGBT+ Support Leaflet

Online Abuse

 We have created a toolkit to help you or someone you know who is experiencing any negativity whilst online. Use it to understand the support networks available following an incident and how you can report this to the police.

Age UK Isle of Wight LGBT Online Hate Crime Toolkit

If your would like a printed versions of the above, please email us using the pink button below.

The LGBT+ Hate Crime & Domestic Abuse Support Service is funded by the Hampshire  and IOW Police & Crime Commisioner.