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  • LGBT+ rights

    Most of the issues, advice and policies relating to later life apply to everyone equally, but for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT+) people, some matters may need specific consideration

  • Hate Crime & Domestic Abuse

    Hate Crime & Domestic Abuse Support Service - Breaking down barriers for an inclusive Island.

    We offer safe, confidential & impartial support on the Isle of Wight for people experiencing hate crime and/or domestic abuse.

  • LGBT+ health and wellbeing

    No one should fear or face discrimination and poor treatment when accessing health or care services. Everyone's health is as important as each other's. 

  • Trans info and advice

    Trans describes people whose gender identity differs to the gender assigned at birth. It’s an umbrella term that embraces many different identities, but this section focuses on people who live, or are seeking to live, permanently in the gender they identify with.