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Living Well Case Study – Simple digital help that made an incredible difference

Our Living Well team first met Mr and Mrs X when our Support Worker went along to help complete an Attendance Allowance form for Mrs X, who was a carer for her husband who has dementia.

During their first meeting, it was clear that Mrs X was struggling with some technical things around the home, things that her husband had previously been responsible for, such as working the TV and DVD player. As such, Mrs X was no longer able to enjoy watching DVDs in the evening, and this led to Mr X being frustrated that he could no longer remember how to work the DVD player and television. They had been spending days at a time without access to the television as a result of this.

The Support Worker worked tactfully and considerately with the couple, as Mr X voiced concerns that he didn’t feel others should be taking over his usual ‘duties’. Mr X was keen on writing things down, so the Support Worker suggested giving them both a step by step tutorial on working the TV and DVD player, and writing down each step as they went, so that Mr X could refer to these written steps when required, maintaining his own independence. At the same time, Mrs X had learned a new skill, giving her a new confidence in using technology.

The written instructions created by the Support Worker included drawings of the buttons on the remote control, and clear, easy to follow steps, and both Mr and Mrs X were very pleased with the results. Finding a resolution to this small challenge made a big difference to their lives, with Mrs X being able to do something she enjoyed once again, and Mr X feeling empowered and retaining his independence. They expressed their gratitude, commenting that the Support Worker had gone the extra mile in order to help with something so small, but that was having such a big impact on their day to day lives.

Living Well Case Study – Putting in place extensive support to maintain independence at home

Mrs Y lives alone with her pet dog. As a result of a spinal injury her mobility of movement is greatly affected, as is the length of time that she is able to stand.

She struggles with everyday tasks; washing, dressing, household cleaning, dog walking, shopping, in fact, most things. She is often in pain and it can take several hours for her to complete the simplest of tasks at home. Over time Mrs Y had become isolated, lonely and depressed.

Our Living Well Support Worker took Mrs Y along to the Independent Living Centre to take a look at some household aids that could help her, and at the same time, booked her a physiotherapy appointment, which resulted in the provision of some walking aids. She was also taken to the Red Cross, who were able to help Mrs Y with some bed rails, a perching stool, hand grabber and a number of other items to make her life easier.

The Support Worker was also able to assist Mrs Y in obtaining Attendance Allowance at the higher rate. This in turn meant that she was able to pay for some help around the home, through the Just About You service, with the jobs she had been struggling with. She was also referred to the Cinnamon Trust who agreed to walk her dog regularly.

Mrs Y confessed to the Support Worker that she had previously been fearful of being put into a care home and losing her beloved dog, but commented “My life has re-started again, I am so glad I met you, you have shown me the way forward and have helped me immensely to stay independent”.