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Try our Nail Cutting Service to help you to stay comfortable on your feet

As we grow older, something as simple as cutting our own toenails can become much harder, or even impossible.

When this occurs our professional Toenail Cutting Service can help. Our fully trained team can offer you the chance to have your toenails cut to help you:
  • Remain mobile
  • Avoid becoming isolated and housebound
  • Reduce the likelihood of having a fall
  • Avoid the general discomfort which accompanies long toenails
Our toenail cutting service is currently being held at the following clinics:
  • Ventnor - The Grove House Surgery
  • St Helens - St Helens Medical Centre
  • Freshwater - Brookside Health Centre
  • Ryde - Tower House Surgery, Rink Road
  • Newport - Dower House Surgery, Pyle Street
  • East Cowes - East Cowes Medical Centre
  • Cowes - Cowes Medical Centre
  • Sandown - Sandown Health Centre, Broadway
Our service has more benefits:
  • Confirmed appointment every 8 weeks
  • Personal nail kit kept at surgery or home (one off payment due)
  • This is a charged for service.  Any monies raised from delivering this service is donated into the charity, helping to fund our essential work here on the Island

To make an appointment or find out more:

Please contact our friendly team on phone: (01983) 525282 or email:


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