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Age UK Isle of Wight’s Neighbourhood Watch + project provides volunteers with free support and training on crime and scams prevention. Trained volunteers visit households within their communities, to carry out Crime Prevention surveys, and offer useful advice and information on how to improve the security of their home, boundaries and property.

The project, which is funded by the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Police Crime Commissioner, has developed a portable toolkit that supports Neighbourhood Watch coordinators in signposting support for their community. This toolkit will also assist anyone else in advising the public or their community on a variety of issues. The toolkit was developed in consultation with many local agencies to reflect the services on the Isle of Wight that can add value to the work of a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.

The toolkit is designed to be viewed on a phone, tablet, computer, or can be printed. When used electronically, the web and e-mail links will open to the relevant websites for more detailed advice.

The toolkit will allow a coordinator to have a meaningful conversation with their community. The density of information allows a coordinator to have a anything from a quick chat all the way through to a detailed conversation about a particular topic. The range of issues covered includes traditional crime issues, safeguarding, home security, avoiding scams (fraud) and more complex issues that occur within the home and can lead to adverse childhood experiences.

The Neighbourhood Watch+ project can assist and support existing and new Neighbourhood Watches, providing presentations that are personalised to that communities needs and requirements. The project has developed a written crime prevention survey process, which supports people concerned about their physical security at home, irrespective of their age or membership of a Neighbourhood Watch.

For further information about, or to request support from the project, please contact the project officer, Steven Howes on 01983 525282 or via

Download the toolkit:

Effective Partnerships
includes many different topics of interest to a Neighbourhood Watch and also includes community level safeguarding – if printed, will need to be printed on A3.

Complex Partnerships
includes issues that are in the home and impact child adversely, which can lead to adverse impacts in later life – if printed, can be printed on A4.

Burglary Guide
includes a guide on the layers to home security and what will attract an offender – if printed, will need to be printed on A3.

Avoiding Scams
includes advice on many types of scams, along with how to report scams, become informed about them and where to get advise on protecting an older person – if printed, can be printed on A4.