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Michele's Art Journals

"I couldn’t see the grandchildren, the art and poetry groups stopped. Everything I did stopped, all the meetings I was going to came to a halt. It took a while before things got going again. And then I heard about Art Journaling and it just appealed to me.”

Michele told us about one project she had within the workshop and how the practice has enabled her to express herself.

“It sparked my imagination. I had an idea in mind quite early on, I thought I want to do something around Kew Gardens, but I wasn’t quite sure how to do it, or what to do so I left it. With some of the other Art Journaling pieces, I’ll start them and I go so far and then I think ‘oh I’ve done enough now’ and I don’t quite know what to do next. So I leave it for a bit and then I’ll go back to it.

“Art Journaling is fantastic, I really love it. Until I joined in I never really thought I was artistic in any way shape or form. But I’ve really taken to the Art Journaling.”

In the very first lesson, we started doing something and I just did it and looked down and thought ‘oh what is that?’. It didn’t look the way I thought it was going to look. But then I thought ‘so what?’. It’s funny because I’m the kind of person that likes to be in control and it’s really taught me to let go a bit more.”


“I think there are times in my life where I’ve thought ‘I could be having more fun!’. Instead of being so serious about everything, you know. And maybe that’s what the Art Journaling also gives space for.”