Help for People Aged 16-50

If you have a long term or complex health or social care challenge we can help you. We offer advice based on your circumstances, guiding you to gain the confidence, the opportunities and the help you need to feel positive about the future.

All Our Help Starts With a Conversation

  • Talking to You One-to-One

    Everything we do starts with a conversation and we listen long and hard to ensure we fully understand your issue.
  • Talking to You in the Community

    Whether you’re resolving a housing problem or navigating your way around the health service, having someone who can come and visit you can really help.
  • Talking to You in Groups

    The opportunity to meet like-minded people who are facing similar challenges or who share an interest is a refreshing experience, especially if you have felt isolated and lonely before.
  • Connecting You to our Partners

    We have a large number of excellent partner organisations offering regular events, assistance and on-going advice.

Discover how we helped others

  • Dilek Bayaktar

    Age UK Islington’s support gave Dilek a champion when she didn’t have the energy to keep making her own case. “My GP’s lovely, she spoke to Age UK Islington then Lauren called me and offered me this chair I’m sitting in. She worked hard.”
  • Teresa Wilkinson

    “When I stopped working – it wasn’t my choice – I knew I wasn’t able to do a full time job and I felt guilty about being unemployed. Before Age UK Islington I spent far too many mornings in bed and became depressed.”